lil solid Ez leżący na pieńku

May 9, 2023

One-piece lil SOLID Ez tobacco heater available on the Polish market

lil SOLID Ez, the new one-piece tobacco heater. Lighter than lil SOLID 2.0 and available in as many as 5 colors: mint, rose gold, black, blue, and white.


IQOS presents lil SOLID Ez


In 2020, IQOS introduced a new brand of one-piece tobacco heaters – lil SOLID 2.0. The device came to Poland in 2021, and now lil SOLID 2.0 is already available in over 30 countries.


The lil SOLID heater is an affordable and easy-to-use device, designed so that the user can enjoy the taste of real tobacco, without fire, ash, and the smell of cigarette smoke. 


lil SOLID Ez has a specially designed stainless steel heating needle that heats the tobacco from the inside instead of burning it. 


When will lil SOLID Ez be available in Poland?


The new one-piece lil SOLID Ez tobacco heater is available for purchase from 9 May 2023. The device can be purchased, among others, in the IQOS online store, as well as in our stationary stores throughout Poland.


More colors and simple operation with the new lil SOLID Ez


Your compact tobacco heater is lighter than lil SOLID 2.0 and available in 5 new colors. The only choice you have to make is which color you like most – rose gold, mint green, white, blue, or black?


Jednoczęściowy podgrzewacz tytoniu lil SOLID Ez


lil SOLID Ez – a new device for heating tobacco


Simple to use, ergonomic, and lighter than the previous lil SOLID, the new lil SOLID Ez device allows you to use 3 Fiit tobacco sticks in a row, and its battery is enough to heat up to 25 sticks on a one charge*.

lil SOLID Ez means less odor lingering on hands, hair, and clothes and less stains on curtains or furniture than in the case of cigarettes.


Fiit tobacco sticks for lil SOLID Ez


We know that taste is the key to the heated tobacco experience. Fiit sticks are made of carefully selected tobacco, which allows for the creation of a variety of blends. Variants with menthol, variants with menthol enriched with fruity notes, or the regular variant? 


There are currently 5 variants of Fiit tobacco sticks available in Poland: Regular, Alpine, Marine, Roxo, and Spring. Answering the question, Fiit tobacco sticks can be used with both the lil SOLID 2.0 and the new lil SOLID Ez heater.  


Wondering what will happen to your current lil SOLID 2.0?


It’s very simple. If you have a lil SOLID 2.0 tobacco heater, you can continue to use your current device and, if necessary, get help online or in one of our stores. We offer full support for the earlier version.


Need help: check the list of IQOS stationary stores


* Depends on battery life and usage conditions.


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