IQOS Maintenance.

Before proceeding to using the IQOS system, read the pamphlet provided by the manufacturer. The pamphlet contains all of the necessary information on the use and maintenance of the device.


The IQOS system consists of a heater, a charger, a USB cable, a grid charger and a cleaning set (a cleaner and 30 cleaning rods soaked in a cleaning solution). Plus you need special heat sticks used for heating. The IQOS system runs on dedicated HEETS sticks. Before proceeding to using the system, you will need to charge the heater. To do this, place it in the portable charger and connect to the grid. The heater will be fully charged after 90 minutes - after which time 4 green diodes on the housing will light up, and will go off as the battery is discharged. A fully charged portable charger will charge the heater 20 times. After each use, place the heater inside the portable charger.

After it is charged, the green circle on the housing will light up to signal that the heater is ready to work. Next, pull the heater out, releasing the lock holding the lid, place a heat stick inside (up to the beginning of the filter, marked with a silver line), do not twist it, but slightly push it, press on the button on the side and wait for 3 seconds. After this time, the green diode will flash, and you can start inhaling when it stops. After use, dispose of the heat stick by pulling it out of the cap and pulling the stick out. Using IQOS, you don’t need a lighter or an ash tray. Since there is no smoking, the used heat stick is the only waste. To use the device again, you will need to place the heater in the charger and wait about 5 minutes.

When to clean IQOS and when do you know it’s time for cleaning?

Clean the device after using a whole pack of tobacco sticks, i.e. after starting the heater 20 times or whenever you see any soiling.  Also clean the device when the smell of the aerosol inhaled has changed or when the heating time was reduced. The charger has a button which is used to switch the device to the cleaning mode. The mode is also automatically enabled after twenty uses. The device is then heated, and a green diode resembling a sun pulses on the charger. You can also start it manually, by pressing on the button next to it for about 5 seconds. Do not pull the heater out then.

You will also need to hand-clean the IQOS system.  The heater must be on before proceeding to manual cleaning. The inside of the cap and the head unit in the heater is cleaned using the cleaner included - a plastic, oval box comprising two parts, including brushes and a hook. Clean the heater using the longer part of the cleaner, and the cap - with the shorter end. Analogously - use the shorter end for the shorter part and the longer end for the longer part. If the walls are still dirty, clean them using the hook included in the longer part, or using the individually packed cleaning sticks included in the set. To complete the cleaning process, gently tap on the cap. This will remove all residue which wasn’t cleaned with the cleaner or the sticks. Cleaned, the device should be assembled and placed in the charger. It will be ready to use after it is charged (i.e. after about 5 minutes).