stores reopening

5 May 2020


Re-opening of stationary point of sales


We would like to inform that together with re-opening of shops and shopping centers, IQOS stationary point of sales mentioned in the link below will be also re-opened.

Work of IQOS point of sales will be prepared with all of safety measures accordingly to the law guidelines for the current situation.
Point of sales will be equip with disinfectants, rubber gloves and staff working at the point will have hygienic masks or visor that cover the face. In the mention below point of sales customers will have a full range of tabaco sticks for IQOS and IQOS devices.

Check, the point of sales that are opened:

Podgrzewanie tytoniu a e-papierosy: na czym polega różnica?

6 April 2021

Heating tobacco vs e-cigarettes: what is the difference?

When you first heard about tobacco heating devices, you probably thought they were the same as electronic cigarettes. While both products offer adult smokers an electronic, smokeless alternative to traditional cigarettes, there are some key differences to be aware of when choosing between IQOS and e-cigarettes.

What are e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are one alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. These are handheld devices that come in a variety of sizes, customizable to the individual user's needs. Some models are disposable, while others can be reused. An e-cigarette heats e-liquid to produce an aerosol, also known as vapor or vape. Adults who use e-cigarettes also use e-liquids, which come in different flavors and may contain nicotine. Electronic cigarettes heat and vaporise e-liquids over a wide range of temperatures - from 100 to 250℃. E-liquid is drawn from the device's tank and comes into contact with a battery-powered heating element. Heating the liquid causes it to vaporise – it can then be inhaled from the device through the mouthpiece.

What is IQOS?

IQOS is a tobacco heating device developed by Philip Morris International. It uses a heating technology called HeatControl™. This type of technology is used in the category of heat-not-burn products, i.e. products that heat the tobacco instead of burning it, as is the case with traditional cigarettes. Heating the tobacco instead of burning it is the most important part of what makes IQOS an alternative to smoking cigarettes. In IQOS, dedicated HEETS tobacco inserts, made from real, processed tobacco, are inserted into the IQOS heater and placed on a heating blade whose temperature is regulated to 350℃. This way, the tobacco is heated from within, releasing the areosol without the involvement of fire, ash or smoke.

Tobacco heating vs e-cigarettes

The main difference between an e-cigarette and a tobacco heater: While both are electronic alternatives to smoking, the key difference between them is that tobacco heater heat real tobacco, while e-cigarettes vaporize e-liquid. Tobacco heated with IQOS provides a taste and satisfaction similar to that of smoking a cigarette.

Jak działają urządzenia do podgrzewania tytoniu?

23 March 2021

How do tobacco heating devices work?

'Heat-not-burn' devices heat tobacco instead of burning it. The result? The taste of real tobacco without the fire, ash and smoke typical of traditional cigarettes. All tobacco heaters contain a source of heat. Some tobacco heating deices are electronic and the exact temperature to which the tobacco is heated varies from product to product. Importantly, tobacco heaters do not reach the high temperatures at which tobacco is burnt.

What are the characteristics of 'heat-not-burn' devices?

Tobacco heaters are also known as 'heat-not-burn' devices as they heat the tobacco instead of burning it. In principle, the two terms – ‘tobacco heating’ and ‘heat-not-burn’ – may be used interchangeably. At the heart of our IQOS tobacco heating devices lies the advanced technology that heats specially designed tobacco inserts. Because IQOS devices are battery-powered, they need to be charged regularly, just like a smartphone. When the IQOS tobacco heating device is ready, the tobacco insert is placed inside. After pressing the button that starts the heating process, an adult IQOS user may inhale the released areosol. At the end of use, the used tobacco insert should be removed from the device and disposed of.

Every element of the IQOS is carefully crafted.

The IQOS HeatControl™ technology is at the heart of the product. Designed in Switzerland, it is responsible for heating the tobacco – without burning it – to a temperature not exceeding 350oC. The ceramic blade inside the IQOS, fitted with gold and platinum circuits, heats the tobacco inside the tobacco insert. This way, adult IQOS users get the taste of real tobacco with no smoke, no ash and less smell than it would be the case with traditional cigarettes.


wkłady tytoniowe HEETS

1 March 2021

We have evolved the design of your tobacco sticks

With more space between each layer of tobacco, your tobacco sticks are now: easier to insert, air flows freely through each stick, and you get a more consistent experience from the first draw to the last one. New tobacco sticks last just as long as before and bring you the same true tobacco taste. If you previously rolled the stick before insertion or pre-heated the blade, it is no longer advisable. You are able to distinguish the new tobacco sticks from previous packs thanks to the tax sticker.


Why was the change introduced?

IQOS was designed to be used effortlessly every time. However, in your feedback you said that it wasn’t always the case. So we listened to our consumers and we’ve evolved the design of our tobacco sticks.

What exactly did you change?

With more space between each layer of tobacco, tobacco sticks are now easier to insert, and air flows freely through each stick so you get a more consistent experience from first draw to the last one. They last just as long as before and the taste does not change.

Does it have any impact on the taste?

There is no change in the ingredients or the tobacco blend; no impact on taste.

Does it have any impact on the number of puffs and duration?

No. There is no impact on the number of puffs or duration. You will rather experience consistent aerosol throughout the entire experience.

Does it have any impact on overall duration of the experience?

There is no impact on the duration of the experience.

Does it have lower nicotine?

The product delivers the same amount of nicotine.


When can I buy a new product?

The new products are appearing on the market since the beginning of March 2021.

How to distinguish new packs?

You can distinguish them thanks to the tax sticker and a new price.


Should I roll a tobacco stick before inserting?

We have evolved the way the tobacco is folded in each tobacco stick. New tobacco sticks are now easier to insert and rolling before insertion is no longer advisable. You should not roll it before insertion.

Should I wait 2-3 seconds before inserting for the pre-heating?

We have evolved the way the tobacco is folded in each tobacco stick. New tobacco sticks are now easier to insert and pre-heating the blade is no longer neccessary.

How to recognize HEETS I should roll and pre-heat from the new ones?

If your pack has a tax sticker – you should not roll the stick or pre-heat the blade. If you have a pack without a tax sticker – please keep continue on rolling & preheating.


Why the price is increased?

Tobacco sticks as innovative tobacco products have been charged with excise duty, which has an impact on the price.

Are packs without a tax sticker illegal?

Both versions of the product are fully fledged and can be legally sold.
- Packs without a tax sticker can be sold until April 30th, 2021
- From May 1st, 2021, tobacco sticks without a tax sticker cannot be sold.

IQOS 3 DUO Frosted red

21 December 2020

Discover the latest IQOS products – IQOS 3 DUO Frosted Red limited edition and Icy Blue accessories

IQOS 3 DUO is a tobacco heater that allows you to use two tobacco sticks, one after the other, without having to charge the device between uses. It is now also available in a Frosted Red limited edition, designed especially for the end of the year. It is distinguished by its functionality and exceptional matte red color. Choose a unique combination and match your IQOS 3 DUO and IQOS 3 with dedicated accessories in the new Icy Blue color.

Discover IQOS 3 DUO Frosted Red limited edition

The IQOS 3 DUO is our most elegant and technologically advanced tobacco heater. This compact, slim device is designed to fit in your hand. IQOS heats the tobacco inside the tobacco sticks in a controlled way in order to prevent combustion, hence there is no smoke but only aerosol. As a result, you can taste real tobacco, without any smoke, ash or unpleasant smell. IQOS 3 DUO tobacco heater consists of two components: a portable charger and a heater. It has two bright LEDs to indicate the battery level, and vibration alerts for extra convenience. It recharges the fastest of all the IQOS models. You can use two tobacco sticks without having to charge the IQOS in-between. The device is intuitive and simple to use - IQOS is equipped with a special magnetic lock that makes it even easier to insert the heater into the portable charger. In this way you can be sure that the heater will remain in the charger. You can tailor the IQOS 3 DUO to your individual needs with accessories. Check out our new dedicated accessories now – make IQOS truly unique with Icy Blue accessories.


Personalize your IQOS 3 DUO – limited Icy Blue accessories

IQOS 3 DUO Frosted Red and Icy Blue accessories collection is a new limited edition of the IQOS 3 DUO tobacco heater in an original color combination - matte red and icy blue. In addition to IQOS 3 DUO, the collection also includes accessories in new color variants: an Icy Blue door cover, an Icy Blue cap and a silicone case dedicated to this line of accessories.

Icy Blue Silicone Sleeve

The silicone case is an easy way to fully protect your IQOS and customize the device to your needs, preferences and unique style. Choose the latest Icy Blue color, slide the device into the Sleeve and enjoy the combination of convenience, usability and beauty. The Silicone Sleeve protects the device and prevents from scratches. In addition, the special surface texture makes IQOS easier to hold. There is no need to take the IQOS out of the case to recharge it. IQOS 3 Icy Blue Silicone Case is not only compatible with IQOS 3 DUO, but also with the IQOS 3. It will protect your tobacco heater and make it look unique.

IQOS Icy Blue cap and door cover

The IQOS product range is very wide to ensure that your device has both the appropriate protection and the design that suits you best. IQOS accessories come in a variety of color options, ranging from classic, elegant shades to distinctive colors. In addition to the Silicone Sleeve, you can also choose IQOS 3 DUO Door Cover and Cap, now available in the limited ice blue edition. Both accessories can be easily matched to your portable charger and tobacco heater. Similarly to the case, the IQOS 3 door cover and IQOS 3 cap are compatible with both the IQOS 3 DUO and IQOS 3.


Important updates on IQOS Stores closing and device cleaning

5 November 2020

Important updates on IQOS Stores closing and device cleaning

Due to the current situation, we would like to inform you that some IQOS stationary stores may be temporarily closed or their operating hours may change (until further notice). Please make sure that a store in your area is currently open before you visit.

Simultaneously, we encourage you to visit our online store at where you can find and order all IQOS products without a necessity of leaving your home. You can take advantage of various cashless payment methods. All IQOS device orders are eligible to benefit from Satisfaction Guaranteed program – your device will be delivered for free and, if for some reason the device will not meet your expectations, you are entitled to return it not incurring any costs and with your money transferred back to your account

If you might have any questions regarding faulty functioning of your device, you can contact our IQOS Experts via Facebook or Messenger on IQOS Polska profile, as well as by calling at 801 801 501 or 22 455 14 04 (service provider charges). Our consultants will find most suitable resolution for you.

Check which IQOS stores are currently open

How to disinfect IQOS?

For outside surface cleaning of your Pocket Charger, Holder and accessories, use disposable disinfecting wipes soaked in ethanol or isopropyl (IPA) of 62,71% alcohol concentration.

Subsequently, clean Holder with dedicated IQOS Cleaning Sticks – as you casually do. Used wipes and cleaning sticks dispose with mixed garbage.

Let’s keep ourselves safe and stay cautious in those difficult times.


technologia heat control iqos

25 September 2020

What is the innovative HeatControl technology?

IQOS is based on the HeatControl tobacco heating technology which has been developed over the years. With this technology, adult users of tobacco products can enjoy these products in comfortable conditions.

How does the HeatControl technology work?

HeatControl technology is a result of years of research and persistent work in pursuit of increased comfort of tobacco users. The idea is to release the nicotine contained in tobacco without the need of burning the heated tobacco. HEETS tobacco stick, upon insertion into IQOS tobacco heating device, is heated up to 350°C. Heating up tobacco is possible thanks to the specially designed IOQS device, created with the concern of user comfort in mind. In traditional cigarettes, tobacco is burned at the temperature reaching 800°C. This produces irritating smoke with an intense scent and high concentration of harmful chemicals. In contrast to conventional cigarettes, HEETS tobacco sticks heated by IQOS produce aerosol instead of smoke.

What makes IQOS stand out?

While smoking conventional cigarettes, the substances contained in the cigarette smoke and produced ash are the cause of discoloration on the teeth, deterioration of skin and a source of clothes and textiles contamination. IQOS allows you to use tobacco products without worrying about maintaining the desired level of aesthetics and hygiene since it does not generate ash. After using IQOS system you only need to dispose of the used HEETS tobacco stick by throwing it into the bin. A single use of the IQOS device with a tobacco stick takes as much time as smoking of a traditional cigarette - up to 14 strokes or up to 6 minutes. At the same time, the HeatControl technology allows a user to experience the real taste of tobacco, which is released when heating properly prepared tobacco contained in HEETS sticks.

What does the HeatControl technology provide

Innovative solutions used in the IQOS allows users to freely satisfy their needs without worrying about the comfort of people and their surroundings. IQOS devices eliminate the risk of fire caused by the presence of glowing ash, which can happen with traditional cigarette butts. Thanks to IQOS, tobacco products are used without generating smoke with irritating smell and soiled ashes. The HeatControl technology is an innovative way of experiencing the true taste of tobacco.

iqos friendly spaces

15 September 2020

Where can you use IQOS? - IQOS Friendly Spaces

IQOS user-friendly places, or commonly IQOS Friendly Spaces, are special social meetings spots on the map of Poland, e.g. in Warsaw, Gdynia, Katowice or Białystok, where using IQOS device is allowed indoors. If you are an IQOS user, when going out to a restaurant, bar, pub or club you do not have to give up using your device. In designated locations you can use IQOS device freely and easily - whenever you feel like.

User friendly

IQOS is based on HeatControl technology, which differs from traditional cigarettes mainly because the tobacco placed in HEETS sticks is heated rather than burned. This causes less unpleasant smell and eliminates ash or smoke generation. This makes the use of IQOS more enjoyable for both the users of the device and those accompanying them.

In IQOS Friendly Spaces you can use the device without any problem, not disturbing anyone - when meeting other people or having a meal by yourself in your favorite restaurant. Users of traditional tobacco products are not allowed to use them in restaurants, because cigarettes are strictly prohibited. It owners’ decision whether the use of IQOS device indoors is allowed. In order to meet the needs of IQOS users, the IQOS constantly strives to expand the list of partnering places that allow the use of the tobacco heater. ;

IQOS - wherever and whenever you want

IQOS Friendly Space are specially selected zones - a separate area - where the device can be used. As a result, users do not have to worry about disturbing other guests nearby. Moreover, employees are, of course, aware of the fact that IQOS usage is accepted in a given spot. We do recommend, however, that you ask if you can use the device beforehand. You can easily recognize IQOS user-friendly places with our IQOS stickers on the doors or IQOS neon signs. You can also find all IQOS Friendly Spaces in your area on our map.

jak zarejestrowac iqosa

4 September 2020

IQOS device registration step by step

The IQOS registration is simple and seamless - it only takes a couple of minutes and gives you a range of benefits. You can register your device at any time, but we encourage you to do so immediately after purchasing your chosen model.

Registration via website

To register your device, you must first have a user account. To create one:

1. Visit our website.
2. In the right frame in the "New customer sign up" field click on the "Sign up" button.
3. Then fill in your details: enter your e-mail address and set a password. Accept the terms and conditions and optional privacy policy.
4. Click the "Next" button.
5. Fill in your contact details and address. You will be able to correct or change them at any time, if necessary.
6. Click the "Send" button.
7. Click on the human icon in the upper right corner.
8. Done! You are already a registered user.

If you already have an account, sign in using your login and password. Then follow the instructions below to register your IQOS device:

1. In the box on the left, select "My devices".
2. Then select "Add another device".
3. Enter the serial number of your device. To find how to locate it, click "What is it". Select your device model, then see where the serial number is on the packaging, heater and charger. Enter it manually or click on the barcode icon. If you are using a barcode, remember to let the camera be used. Scan the barcode on the product.
4. Click the "Add" button.
5. Done! Your IQOS device has been assigned to your account.

If you want to add another device, follow the same procedure. All devices assigned to your account will be listed in the "My devices" tab.

Please note that when purchasing an IQOS device online, registration is not required. It will be automatically assigned to your account. However, if you purchased your device in one of our IQOS stores or directly from our representatives, you need to register it yourself. If in any doubt or difficulty with registration, you can contact us by using the Livechat, which is available on our website, by email: [email protected] or IQOS helpdesk: 801 801 501 or (+48) 22 455 14 04.

Benefits of IQOS device registration

By registering your device you can benefit from customized support programs. In case of a need to replace or repair your device, you can either request delivery to the address you provide or choose one of our pick-up points. Additionally, you will have access to the International Support Service if you would need our support and assistance while travelling to other countries where IQOS service is available.

iqos przebarwienia na zebach

1 September 2020

Does IQOS cause teeth discoloration

IQOS is dedicated for adult users of tobacco products. By switching from traditional cigarettes to IQOS, you can reduce unpleasant smell, ash and fire. What is more, it reduces the formation of stains on teeth and skin.

IQOS and the formation of discoloration

According to the conducted research, using IQOS causes discoloration on teeth to a minor extent than smoking traditional tobacco products. When the user already has discoloration caused by smoking, IQOS will not reverse this process and remove the discoloration on the enamel surface. Please note, all other factors that influence the formation of discoloration, such as drinking coffee, tea or wine, which significantly contribute to stains formation, regardless of the use of tobacco products. In order to deal with the problem of discoloration of enamel, it is recommended to have a dental consultation and familiarize with the available tooth whitening procedures.

User comfort

Since IQOS allows you to reduce the negative effects associated with smoking traditional tobacco products, your sense of comfort may increase. IQOS is designed to increase the comfort when using tobacco products - both for the users themselves and people around them. In addition, IQOS does not contribute to the formation of discoloration on the skin, does not emit the scent characteristic of cigarette smoke and does not cause soiling caused by the presence of ash, which occurs during the combustion of traditional tobacco products. All these factors create an enhanced freedom in daily contact with other people.

IQOS vs cigarette smoke

The aerosol formed by heating HEETS tobacco sticks differs in its composition from traditional cigarette smoke. However, it is the innovative HeatControl tobacco heating technology, which eliminates the formation of dirty ash and the production of smoke with an intense odor which is responsible for high comfort of IQOS users.


zlamane ostrze grzewcze iqos

4 August 2020

What to do should the IQOS heating blade break?

The IQOS tobacco heating device is precisely designed to provide comfort to adult tobacco users. The tobacco heating process of the HEETS sticks is possible thanks to the blade, which is the heart of the IQOS device. The heating blade is a ceramic element ,enhanced with platinum, gold and silver components, which make it possible to heat tobacco and maintain the temperature in controlled conditions to ensure the user can enjoy the taste of real tobacco.

How to check if the heating blade in your IQOS is broken?

First, remove the cap from the heater. Check the heating blade carefully. If the tip is missing, broken or bent, it means that the blade is damaged. Such a damage may be due to improper use or cleaning of the IQOS device. As this is a mechanical damage, it is not covered by the standard warranty. Occasionally, a broken heating blade is not visible with the bare eye. In this case, the IQOS device will signal a malfunction of the heater with a red flashing light. To verify the cause of the flashing diode, reset your device - the signal does not necessarily indicate a broken heating blade.

How to prevent heating blade defects in your IQOS device?

Proper use and cleaning of the IQOS device will help you keep your appliance in a good condition. To prevent malfunctions, make sure that you use the device as recommended. Also please note that you should only use dedicated IQOS accessories. Before placing the HEETS tobacco stick into the device, make sure that there is no residual tobacco in your IQOS device. Also make sure that the heating blade is cleaned. It is critical to clean the blade only when it is completely cooled down. To maintain the device clean, always use the IQOS Cleaner and IQOS Cleaning Sticks. Using alternative products for this purpose may cause damage to the heating blade and as a result malfunction of the device. Take extra care when removing the cap. Remember also for the device to function properly, after cleaning the heating blade, the heater cap must remain closed. For more information on using the IQOS heater correctly, cleaning and resetting the device, please refer to the IQOS website under the support section.

What to do if the heating blade is destroyed?

If the heating blade in the heater is damaged, contact us. If a mechanical fault occurs on the heating blade due to improper use of the device, the standard warranty does not cover replacement of the IQOS device. However, it is included in the extended warranty. Please contact us to learn more about the terms, conditions and benefits. You can do this via IQOS LiveChat which is available on the website. You can also find help by calling the IQOS hotline or by visiting a stationary IQOS store, where IQOS Experts will be able to answer all your questions and concerns.  

Czy IQOS pomoże Ci rzucić palenie?

17 July 2020

Will IQOS help you quit smoking?

IQOS is an innovative tobacco heating system dedicated to adult tobacco users. It is an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Thanks to the technology applied, the aerosol released during smoking does not create the unpleasantness associated with a hard to remove intense odour, which is a nuisance to those around traditional cigarette users. This significantly influences the comfort of using tobacco products for both the smoker and surrounding environment.

The IQOS system and nicotine

The IQOS device along with specially designed HEETS tobacco sticks, which are dedicated to be used in conjunction with it, are developed as an alternative to traditional smoking. However, please note that IQOS is not a device helping to give up the usage of tobacco products.The IQOS system is a convenient solution for adult tobacco users looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes, which are inherently associated with an intense scent. Specially designed HEETS tobacco sticks contain pressed tobacco containing nicotine. Thus, the use of IQOS system does not free nicotine addiction and does not support the smoking quitting process. If you are concerned about the negative health effects of smoking, it is recommended to stop using tobacco and nicotine completely.

IQOS and traditional cigarettes

Thanks to the innovative IQOS tobacco heating system, you can fully enjoy the taste of real tobacco without smoke, fire, ash and unpleasant odour. This is possible thanks to the HeatControl technology, which heats up the tobacco in HEETS tobacco sticks, rather than burning it, like in traditional cigarettes.Besides, the IQOS device significantly eliminates problems associated with the formation of discoloration on the skin and teeth. This is linked to the fact that HEETS tobacco sticks do not produce traditional cigarette smoke.

How to start using the IQOS device?

The IQOS tobacco devices together with HEETS tobacco sticks and dedicated accessories such as chargers and cases are available on the IQOS website and from IQOS stationary retailers. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach your consultant via both the contact form available on the manufacturer's website and the IQOS hotline. You will find all the necessary information, addresses and telephone numbers in the 'Contact' section on the website. Thanks to the expertise and professional experience of our consultants, you will easily get acquainted with the IQOS offer and be guided throughout the selection and purchase process of a set that will suit your needs.

IQOS 3 DUO Lucid Teal

16 July 2020


IQOS 3 DUO Lucid Teal Limited Edition

True tobaco taste, no smoke, ash and less smell. Lucid Teal combines blue, green and silver shades. Very universal and perfect for both men and women.

IQOS 3 DUO from the Lucid Teal Limited Edition and a new collection of accessories

Lucid Teal will replace Warm Copper as the new limited edition of IQOS 3 DUO. Apart from IQOS 3 DUO, our most advanced device which enable heating two tobacco sticks one by one, the collection includes also new accessories: a cap and a door cover in the Lucid Teal colour.

Collection of accessories for IQOS 3 DUO from the Iridescent Limited Edition

In order to help you tailor your IQOS to your needs, we have also created a new Iridescent collection. It consists of four, color-shimmering door covers that match the already available caps in intensive colors.





stores reopening

5 May 2020


Re-opening of stationary point of sales


We would like to inform that together with re-opening of shops and shopping centers, IQOS stationary point of sales mentioned in the link below will be also re-opened.

Work of IQOS point of sales will be prepared with all of safety measures accordingly to the law guidelines for the current situation.
Point of sales will be equip with disinfectants, rubber gloves and staff working at the point will have hygienic masks or visor that cover the face. In the mention below point of sales customers will have a full range of tabaco sticks for IQOS and IQOS devices.

Check, the point of sales that are opened:

Menthol ban

23 January 2020

HEETS menthol tobacco sticks for IQOS
will be available for sale after 20 May 2020.

On May 20, 2020, in Poland it will be prohibited to sell menthol cigarettes. This ban also applies to other EU countries. There are three groups among prohibited products:

  • ready menthol cigarettes,
  • menthol capsule cigarettes
  • tobacco for rolling of cigarettes in the menthol variant.

This means that from May 20, 2020, above-mentioned products will be withdrawn from the offer of tobacco companies and will not be available for purchase in all kind of stores selling tobacco products, including duty-free shops in the EU.

Will menthol tobacco products be available for purchase after May 20, 2020?

Till May 19, 2020, the sale of menthol cigarettes is allowed. If you had ready menthol cigarettes, menthol capsule cigarettes or menthol tobacco for rolling cigarettes on the day of the ban, you will still be allowed to use them.
Menthol tobacco liners used in tobacco heaters and e-cigarettes are still commercially available - these are not banned.

Will tobacco sticks for IQOS be available after May 20, 2020?

IQOS tobacco heaters might be an alternative to products banned from May 20, 2020. These are not banned, regardless of which variant of tobacco sticks you use with them. Menthol variants of HEETS for use with the IQOS device will continue to be available for sale after May 20, 2020, as will the other non-menthol variants.
Innovative HEETS tobacco sticks contain compressed tobacco that is not burned but heated to 350 ° C. When the tobacco is heated, its original flavor is released. Among the tobacco sticks there are several variants available: both standard tobacco and menthol flavors.

Availability of tobacco sticks for IQOS

Tobacco sticks for IQOS, including menthol variants, are not banned and are available after May 20, 2020. Like other tobacco products, it is not possible to purchase them online, but they are available in most stores near your home and in many chain stores, such as: Zabka, Inmedio, LIDL or Dino. They are also available at petrol stations, e.g. Orlen, Lotos, Circle K, BP. Thanks to our IQOS store search engine you can check in which locations in a given city offer HEETS.

Discover IQOS

IQOS is an alternative to traditional smoking. Created for adult tobacco users who do not want to give up nicotine, but are looking for other solutions than traditional cigarettes. IQOS devices and tobacco sticks for IQOS in all flavors are not banned from sale after May 20, 2020. In the process of heating tobacco sticks, the IQOS device produces only an aerosol, which has a milder and less persistent odor than cigarette smoke. IQOS should be used together with HEETS tobacco sticks designed for it, which are and will be available for purchase, also in menthol variants.

Satisfaction guaranteed

6 April 2020

Satisfaction guaranteed - 30 days right of withdrawal on

The store is not only the place where you can buy one of the tobacco heaters we offer: IQOS 2.4 PLUS, IQOS 3 MULTI and IQOS 3 DUO, as well as accessories for personalization of purchased heaters and a high standard of service that we offer to all our customers.
Therefore, in order to meet your expectations, we would like to inform you that from 16 March 2020 we are extending the right to withdraw from the order from 14 to 30 days.

If for any reason the goods you purchased do not meet your expectations, you can exercise the right of withdraw from the purchase, which we extend from 14 to 30 days, effective March 16. You will receive detailed instructions on how to apply for a refund in the form attached to your ordered goods.
You can also fill in the return form available here. The parcel has to be posted via DHL services (courier or DHL Parcel service point) at this link.

You received detailed information on how to return by DHL in the e-mail sent after the purchase.
At the same time, we would like to emphasize that we make every effort to ensure that the store and services we offer are at the highest possible level, thus we continue working on improving the store standard. The possibility to withdraw from the order within 30 days of its receipt without giving any reason is just one such solution.

Thank you - the IQOS team


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->IQOS 2.4 PLUS for 150 PLN

IQOS vs. E-cigarettes

18 February 2020

IQOS tobacco heater vs e-cigarettes

Smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes.


What is the difference between the IQOS tobacco heater and e-cigarettes?

The IQOS tobacco heater and e-cigarettes are smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes intended for adult users of tobacco products who would otherwise still smoke conventional cigarettes or use other nicotine products.

Both IQOS and e-cigarettes are electronic devices and do not generate cigarette smoke. However, there is an important feature distinguishes the IQOS tobacco heating system from e-cigarettes: Unlike evaporation, IQOS heats tobacco, and not liquid as in the case of e-cigarettes. 

What are e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes is a category of electronic devices used to consume steam containing nicotine. They are powered by a battery and heat special e-liquids.


How do e-cigarettes work?

There are many types of e-cigarettes. They may come in different sizes, power supply, adjustment options, and even differ in disposability. However, most of them function similarly and consist of similar parts.

Undoubtedly, the best advice for smokers is to completely quit smoking and no longer be exposed to nicotine.



13 June 2018

What is IQOS - Description, operation.

The IQOS system is a tobacco heating device which does not produce smoke or ash.
What does IQOS look like?

IQOS consists of the following elements:

  • a heater,
  • a portable charger,
  • a cleaner,
  • a USB cable,
  • a grid charger,
  • cleaner sticks - 10 pcs.

The device must be used with its dedicated heat sticks. A pack contains 20 heat sticks used for heating only.. They cannot be smoked in the traditional way - the tobacco inside them is so pressed that it may only be heated in the dedicated IQOS System. 
The IQOS heater is small - no larger than a pen, including the heat stick. 

How does IQOS work?

To heat up a heat stick, first charge the heater in the portable charger. The charger has a battery charged via the USB cable connected to the grid charger.

Contrary to traditional cigarettes, the IQOS heater heats up the tobacco instead of smoking it. Thanks to this, when using IQOS, the risk of igniting a fire was reduced, as there is no need to use an open flame. There’s also no unpleasant cigarette smoke. The consumer inhales aerosol produced in the process of heating the heat stick.
Before the next use, the battery needs to be re-charged. After that, pick a heat stick from the pack and place it in the heater, press and hold the button on the side and release it when the green diode flashes. When the flashing stops (after about 5 seconds), you can start inhaling. A single IQOS use is time-programmed for 6 minutes or 14 inhalations. When this time ends, the diode will turn orange. This means that there are about 30 seconds of use or 2 inhalations left. The device cannot be used continuously - you will need to re-charge the heater to use the next heat stick.
Clean the heater using a cleaner in the set, after you’ve used all of the 20 heat sticks.



17 July 2020

IQOS Maintenance

Before proceeding to using the IQOS system, read the pamphlet provided by the manufacturer. The pamphlet contains all of the necessary information on the use and maintenance of the device.


The IQOS system consists of a heater, a charger, a USB cable, a grid charger and a cleaning set (a cleaner and 30 cleaning rods soaked in a cleaning solution). Plus you need special heat sticks used for heating. The IQOS system runs on dedicated HEETS sticks. Before proceeding to using the system, you will need to charge the heater. To do this, place it in the portable charger and connect to the grid. The heater will be fully charged after 90 minutes - after which time 4 green diodes on the housing will light up, and will go off as the battery is discharged. A fully charged portable charger will charge the heater 20 times. After each use, place the heater inside the portable charger.

After it is charged, the green circle on the housing will light up to signal that the heater is ready to work. Next, pull the heater out, releasing the lock holding the lid, place a heat stick inside (up to the beginning of the filter, marked with a silver line), do not twist it, but slightly push it, press on the button on the side and wait for 3 seconds. After this time, the green diode will flash, and you can start inhaling when it stops. After use, dispose of the heat stick by pulling it out of the cap and pulling the stick out. Using IQOS, you don’t need a lighter or an ash tray. Since there is no smoking, the used heat stick is the only waste. To use the device again, you will need to place the heater in the charger and wait about 5 minutes.

When to clean IQOS and when do you know it’s time for cleaning?

Clean the device after using a whole pack of tobacco sticks, i.e. after starting the heater 20 times or whenever you see any soiling.  Also clean the device when the smell of the aerosol inhaled has changed or when the heating time was reduced. The charger has a button which is used to switch the device to the cleaning mode. The mode is also automatically enabled after twenty uses. The device is then heated, and a green diode resembling a sun pulses on the charger. You can also start it manually, by pressing on the button next to it for about 5 seconds. Do not pull the heater out then.

You will also need to hand-clean the IQOS system.  The heater must be on before proceeding to manual cleaning. The inside of the cap and the head unit in the heater is cleaned using the cleaner included - a plastic, oval box comprising two parts, including brushes and a hook. Clean the heater using the longer part of the cleaner, and the cap - with the shorter end. Analogously - use the shorter end for the shorter part and the longer end for the longer part. If the walls are still dirty, clean them using the hook included in the longer part, or using the individually packed cleaning sticks included in the set. To complete the cleaning process, gently tap on the cap. This will remove all residue which wasn’t cleaned with the cleaner or the sticks. Cleaned, the device should be assembled and placed in the charger. It will be ready to use after it is charged (i.e. after about 5 minutes).


13 June 2018

A few handy tips.

Here are a few useful tips on using the IQOS System.

Open the heater using your thumb.

If you want to use a cleaner, open it by breaking its pack. 
Before placing a heat stick in the heater, roll it gently in your fingers to avoid rolling it in the device.
From time to time, the cleaner will also require cleaning.
To do it, use the hook to take the brush out of the longer and shorter part of the housing.
Wash the brusk and the housing under running water with a small amout of delicate cleaning agent and leave to dry.
Re-insert the brush in the housing and press it firmly using the hook until it clicks.



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