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Aug 17, 2022

Smoking cigarettes and heating tobacco on beaches – is it allowed? 

Smoking cigarettes on the beach is permitted provided that there aren’t any ‘no smoking’ signs before the entrance. The same applies to using tobacco heaters. When you violate the ban, you may be fined up to PLN 500 for illegally smoking a cigarette on the beach. We will explain where HEETS can be heated and where the bans on the use of tobacco products on beaches come from.


Ban smoking on Baltic beaches


Smoking is completely banned on the beaches of Gdańsk and Gdynia. This is clearly stated on signs placed near every beach entrance. All bars, cafes, and restaurants situated on the beach are covered with this ban unless they have a dedicated smoking area or space. The ban applies to smoking cigarettes and using HEETS on the beach since smoke-free, innovative tobacco products are also covered with this ban.


We would like to remind you that smoking or heating tobacco may be fined up to PLN 500. Moreover, the cigarette butts left on the sand are dangerous for birds and can land in water, polluting it.


Pan robiący gwiazdę na plaży


Where are tobacco heating and smoking not prohibited on beaches?


Although the problem of cigarette butts on the beach affects all coastal towns, smoking on the beach is permitted in most places outside the Tricity. You can use a tobacco heater on urban beaches in Międzyzdroje, as well as in most smaller towns. Smoking cigarettes is also allowed there. Going to the seaside, always check for the information board at a particular beach to learn about the rules in effect there. Remember that a used Heet is considered waste that should be thrown in the trash. Used HEETS need not be put out, because they do not burn. They can be safely discarded in any mixed waste bin.


Cigarette butts are more harmful to the sea than plastic bottles


Studies conducted by ecologists have shown that cigarette butts landing in the sea cause severe damage to the maritime ecosystem. They carry harmful substances, such as benzene and heavy metals. Such environmental pollution will have major consequences in the future. This is one of the reasons why many Italian beaches and all Spanish beaches enforce a strict no-smoking rule.


Is heating HEETS on the beach allowed? Summary


Before you take out your heater, make sure this beach does not enforce a smoking ban. If so, use the device in a different place. Make sure to throw your used sticks into the waste bin or a dedicated tobacco waste container.


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