technologia heat control iqos

Sep 25, 2020

What is the innovative HeatControl technology?

IQOS is based on the HeatControl tobacco heating technology which has been developed over the years. With this technology, adult users of tobacco products can enjoy these products in comfortable conditions.

How does the HeatControl technology work?


HeatControl technology is a result of years of research and persistent work in pursuit of increased comfort of tobacco users. The idea is to release the nicotine contained in tobacco without the need of burning the heated tobacco. HEETS tobacco stick, upon insertion into IQOS tobacco heating device, is heated up to 350°C. Heating up tobacco is possible thanks to the specially designed IOQS device, created with the concern of user comfort in mind. In traditional cigarettes, tobacco is burned at the temperature reaching 800°C. This produces irritating smoke with an intense scent and high concentration of harmful chemicals. In contrast to conventional cigarettes, HEETS tobacco sticks heated by IQOS produce aerosol instead of smoke.

What makes IQOS stand out?


While smoking conventional cigarettes, the substances contained in the cigarette smoke and produced ash are the cause of discoloration on the teeth, deterioration of skin and a source of clothes and textiles contamination. IQOS allows you to use tobacco products without worrying about maintaining the desired level of aesthetics and hygiene since it does not generate ash. After using IQOS system you only need to dispose of the used HEETS tobacco stick by throwing it into the bin. A single use of the IQOS device with a tobacco stick takes as much time as smoking of a traditional cigarette - up to 14 strokes or up to 6 minutes. At the same time, the HeatControl technology allows a user to experience the real taste of tobacco, which is released when heating properly prepared tobacco contained in HEETS sticks.

What does the HeatControl technology provide


Innovative solutions used in the IQOS allows users to freely satisfy their needs without worrying about the comfort of people and their surroundings. IQOS devices eliminate the risk of fire caused by the presence of glowing ash, which can happen with traditional cigarette butts. Thanks to IQOS, tobacco products are used without generating smoke with irritating smell and soiled ashes. The HeatControl technology is an innovative way of experiencing the true taste of tobacco.