iqos friendly spaces

May 31, 2022

Where can you use IQOS? - IQOS Friendly Spaces

IQOS user-friendly places, or commonly IQOS Friendly Spaces, are special social meetings spots on the map of Poland, e.g. in Warsaw, Gdynia, Katowice or Białystok, where using IQOS device is allowed indoors. If you are an IQOS user, when going out to a restaurant, bar, pub or club you do not have to give up using your device. In designated locations you can use IQOS device freely and easily - whenever you feel like.


User friendly


IQOS is based on HeatControl technology, which differs from traditional cigarettes mainly because the tobacco placed in HEETS sticks is heated rather than burned. This causes less unpleasant smell and eliminates ash or smoke generation. This makes the use of IQOS more enjoyable for both the users of the device and those accompanying them.

In IQOS Friendly Spaces you can use the device without any problem, not disturbing anyone - when meeting other people or having a meal by yourself in your favorite restaurant. Users of traditional tobacco products are not allowed to use them in restaurants, because cigarettes are strictly prohibited. It owners’ decision whether the use of IQOS device indoors is allowed. In order to meet the needs of IQOS users, the IQOS constantly strives to expand the list of partnering places that allow the use of the tobacco heater. ;


IQOS - wherever and whenever you want


IQOS Friendly Space are specially selected zones - a separate area - where the device can be used. As a result, users do not have to worry about disturbing other guests nearby. Moreover, employees are, of course, aware of the fact that IQOS usage is accepted in a given spot. We do recommend, however, that you ask if you can use the device beforehand. You can easily recognize IQOS user-friendly places with our IQOS stickers on the doors or IQOS neon signs. You can also find all IQOS Friendly Spaces in your area on our map.