Meet IQOS ILUMA series

the most reliable devices among IQOS

iqos-iluma-and-iqos-iluma-one-on-turquoise-background iqos-iluma-and-iqos-iluma-one-on-turquoise-background
Designed for use with TEREA tobacco sticks only.
What makes IQOS ILUMA devices stand out?
Higher level of reliability*.

No blade or cleaning from tobacco residue.  

Ground-breaking tobacco heating technology*.

The majority of IQOS consumers confirm that IQOS ILUMA gives satisfaction comparable to smoking cigarettes. Source: Studies conducted in Italy and Japan with a total of 714 IQOS users, November 2020 to March 2021.​  

Higher level of heating tobacco satisfaction*.

Real tobacco taste, improved draw and more aerosol with groundbreaking IQOS ILUMA.  

*versus previous versions of IQOS devices.